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 Monday 16th of October 2006
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The art and science of hypnosis is at once both old and new. Old, because it was used in ancient times and has a pedigree that stretches back to the beginning of mankinds conscious development. New, because only over the past 100 years has it been subject to the full force of scientific scrutiny, after the discovery (re-discovery) that the unconscious mind, emotions and personal history directly affect a persons state of mental, emotional and physical health. The healing profession as a whole is moving from symptom based therapy to a more holistic approach where originating causes of imbalance and illness are addressed as part of treatment.

The aim of this online magazine is to present hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a major technique with which to effect rapid therapeutic effects, especially when dealing with behavioural changes and dis-ease of a psychogenic origin. We will also attempt to
'de-mystify' hypnosis for those readers who have been subject to the hypnotic forces of television, cinema and certain types of fiction, which often present hypnosis as some form magical will power or evil force, when this is very far from the truth.

There is magic in the mind but it is only to be found in your own mind. With hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self hypnosis we can begin to use that magic for our own good ...

The uses of Hypnosis:

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy have been shown to help - Stopping Smoking and other unwabted habits - IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Unwarranted Fears and Phobias, Anxiety and Panic attacks, Confidence and Self Esteem, Reactive Depression, Weight Control and some eating disorders, Pain Control and Pain Management,
some Skin Problems, Sleeping difficulties such as insomnia, Trichotillamania (compulsive hair pulling) and other OCD's, some areas of Sexual Performance for men and Sexual Enjoyment for women, Test and Examination nerves and much more. All presenting problems that originate within the unconscious control of the subconscious mind.
We are looking to present articles on a wide range of hypnosis related subjects

Favourite scripts/inductions/deepeners
Pioneers of hypnosis
Humorous /interesting experiences
Memorable experiences with hypnosis
Clinical / therapeutic successes
Advances in clinical hypnosis
Theories explaining Hypnosis
Hypnosis and habits / addictive behaviour
Desensitization techniques
Dissociation techniques
Hypnosis and regression
Hypnosis and re-incarnation!?
Hypnosis and dreams
Authoritarian versus permissive hypnosis
Hypnosis and psychic phenomena
Hypnosis and accelerated learning
Techniques of self-hypnosis
Is abreaction to be avoided or provoked in therapy?
How to raise profile of hypnotherapy
Anchoring and hypnotherapy
Psychological model of hypnosis
Gauging the hypnotic state
Popular misconceptions of hypnosis
Should stage Hypnosis be prohibited !?
Has stage hypnosis saved hypnotherapy from obscurity?
Hypnotic metaphors and teaching stories
Advertising techniques and hypnosis
NLP and hypnosis
Autogenics and hypnosis
Meditation and hypnosis
Stress management
Phobias - therapeutic approaches
Forensic hypnosis
Hypnosis and ideo-motor signalling
Assessing the depth of trance
Hypno - analysis explained
Animal hypnosis
Tests for hypnotizability
Hypnotic 'convincers'